PHILIPS Brilliance 64-slice CT Scanner

PHILIPS Brilliance 64-slice CT Scanner

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The new Philips Brilliance CT 64-slice is one of the most advanced CT systems in the market. This system can expand clinical boundaries in cardiac, pulmonary, trauma, and pediatric imaging.
This system is built on innovative Essence technology that delivers image quality, dose efficiency and rapid reconstruction times. The Brilliance CT 64 channel configuration package embodies completely the philosophies of sense and simplicity applied to more effective patient care. With a range of new and targeted advancements, including low-dose cardiac imaging, 3D volume software and expanded portal capabilities, this system takes the raw capabilities of volume imaging and makes them work harder for patients by making the physician’s work easier. This is the system for those who want the latest CT can offer, and realize productivity is an integral component of results.

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